About Us

The Berean Voice is a nonprofit ministry or “integrated auxiliary” of Faith Christian Fellowship, a church in Dundee, Ohio. This ministry was started and organized in the spring of 2015 with the goal of responding to the seemingly endless barrage with varying perspectives of doctrinal teaching in regards to New Testament Christianity. The stated purpose for the ministry was to work towards developing material and resources that would endeavor to lift up the “simplicity” and “sufficiency” of the Scriptures as having ALL of the answers pertaining to “life and godliness” as taught in 2 Peter 1:3.

When the church established the ministry, they also put a board in place to oversee and operate the work. The church gave the board a general overview of the expected work and some suggested examples of ministry, but they also gave the board the authority to organize and structure itself in order to be self-governing and self-operating. Therefore, this organization has a two-tiered authority structure, with the board overseeing all day-to- day operations and ministry, while the church elders have the final say over everything.

Acts 17:11 has been chosen as the theme verse for our ministry, that we would encourage all people (ourselves first of all) to carefully examine all teachings through the lens of Scripture. With the bottom-line purpose of making sure that each of us are willing to allow God to have the final say about all issues and all doctrine.

We are planning to print a doctrinal magazine that will be available “free of charge” to anybody who would desire to receive it. Ephrata Christian Fellowship has asked us whether we would be willing to revive “The Heartbeat of the Remnant” a magazine they used to publish, but which has been out of print for several years. We agreed to this proposal and will be endeavoring to have it published quarterly.

We have added their mailing list to ours, which we will be using to send literature out. This list will be refined as we move forward. If you would like to be added to this list or are already included but have changes that need to be made, please contact us.

Other ways that we are planning to work towards reaching out to the church at large, is by the printed page and recorded messages. We are developing a website where we will have a growing list of available resources. Our goal is that this will include messages shared on specific issues, CD sets on various topics, written articles, and possibly recommended booklets, along with the magazine publication.

One of the goals of our ministry is to create a means for believers to share together in this effort of finding God’s answers for man’s problems. Therefore, we encourage and welcome any believer who has something for us to possibly share in our magazine or on our website, to please submit it for our consideration.

Board Members

  • Willis Yoder - chairman
  • Craig Bauman - treasurer
  • Joe Tindall - member
  • Matt Miller - member
  • Caleb Keller - secretary
  • Curvin Wenger - editor
  • Joel Hostetler - member
  • Mark Mast - member