Book Review: The High Cost of Holistic Healing

In this small, easy-to-read book, Dr. Nolan Byler writes on the issue of alternative medicine, occultic practices, witchcraft, and New-Age or Eastern medicine. He has a very unique hands-on awareness of these issues from the many years spent fulfilling his duties as a Mennonite bishop and a medical doctor.

His occupation in medicine and his position as a leader in the church has given him many opportunities to interact with people who have been involved in these methods. He has seen, both, the blessing of those who have become aware of the error of these practices and repented, and the fruit of those who refuse to see anything wrong with their participation in these matters and continue their involvement in them.

As mentioned before, this book is small, only 51 pages in length, but don’t let that fool you; it is packed with lots of practical information regarding this subject. The writer starts off by laying a Biblical foundation and then goes right into the heart of the matter. He not only uses big words, in order to be clear about what he means, but he also tries to explain the more difficult terms for those of us who are not as familiar with modern medicine and the various alternative practices.

The author seems to breathe fresh air into a focus on this subject by being Biblical, clear, and to-the-point, while at the same time having a balanced, commonsense approach not found in some discussions on alternative medicine and witchcraft. He also uses numerous short stories from his personal interaction with others, to help bring clarity to his concern. Then in the last chapter, he shares a simple, Biblical, point-by-point response for someone who desires to repent and spiritually clear themselves, after having been involved in any of these questionable methods.

Throughout the book, many different points are mentioned only briefly, along with a very short explanation. This seems to be done in such a way as to raise awareness, stimulate thinking, and provoke discussion. For those who would have a desire to be like the Bereans (Acts 17:10-11) and search these matters out for themselves, the author uses Scripture for foundational points and in the back of the book he gives a list of other resources that can be used to do further research.

This book is recommended reading for a brief overview and beginning study on the subject . It can also be used as a ministry tool to give to others who may be involved in any of these questionable practices. Additional copies can be purchased from “Ridgeway Publishing” or possibly from your local bookstore.

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