So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple. Lu. 14:33

You asked me to give up my home ...
Then gave me welcome in many homes.
You asked me to lay down my patriotism for my country ...
And put every tribe and nation on my heart.
You asked me to lay down my will ...
Then gave me a real desire to please You.
You asked me to give You my dreams ...
And gave me a life beyond what I could have ever dreamed.
You asked me to lay down my family and friends and follow You ...
And when I followed You, I found a family and friends that defined true fellowship.
You asked me to give up my sour attitude and puny plans of revenge ...
And promised pure judgment that is complete and just.
You asked me to lay down my finances and possessions ...
And then told me that I am an heir of all that You possess.
You asked me to turn all of my little affections over to You ...
And taught me a love powerful enough to reach my enemies.
You asked for my wholehearted allegiance ...
And pledged Your commitment to me with open arms on a cross.

~J.H., Long Lake, SD

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