Title Author Category Remnant Issue
How Should The Christian Vote? Curvin Wenger Church Life Autumn 2016
The Bible Is The Word Of God Harold S. Martin Featured Article Autumn 2016
Ye Shall Never Fall E. S. Gutwein Christian Life Autumn 2016
Editorial - Autumn 2016 Curvin Wenger Editorial Autumn 2016
What if we would use our Bibles the same way we use our mobile phones? Author Unknown Holiness Summer 2016
Book Review: The High Cost of Holistic Healing Curvin Wenger Modern-Day Perils Summer 2016
How Shall We Find Water? A. Clair Auker Modern-Day Perils Summer 2016
Lessons from the Maple Tree Marcia Zimmerman Godly Home Summer 2016
The Influence of Older Women Mary Ann Smucker Godly Home Summer 2016
What Is Our Child Born With? Kevin Otto Child Training
An Introduction to The Medical Column Wolfgang Miggiani MD Medical Column Summer 2016
The Two Kingdoms and Nonresistance Dwayne Stoltzfus Poetry Summer 2016
Muslims - In Need of a Savior Titus Hofer Salvation/New Birth Summer 2016
Dealing Redemptively with Sin Curvin Wenger Christian Life Summer 2016
I Have Been Wronged Author Unknown Christian Life Summer 2016
If Jesus Came to Your House Lois Blanchard Poetry Summer 2016
Almost or Altogether? E. S. Gutwein Salvation/New Birth Summer 2016
From The Editor Curvin Wenger Editorial Summer 2016
Opening the Ancient Wells Dean Taylor Editorial July/August 2013
Sacrifice? Janell Hege Poetry July/August 2013